Last Updated: April 30, 2006.
Royal Freight Express Co.Ltd.
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Company Name Royal Freight Express Company Limited
Established Since 27 December 1989
Registered Capital 5.0 Million Baht (Fully Paid)
Registration License License Number 12499/2532
Tax ID Number 3101777369
Business Area

Internaltional Freight Forwarder, Cargo Handling, and Logistics.
Authorized agent of Thai Airways, Air France, KLM, and Etihad.

Managing Director Mr. Boonserm V. Ruampibool
Term of Services and Payment At least 1 day advanced booking required for most services.
Invoice issued every 15 days.
Contact Banks Bangkok Bank PLC
Bank Thai PLC
Memberships Thai Airfreight Forwarders Association (TAFA) , CASS,
International Air Transportation Association (IATA)
and Default Insurance Program (DIP).
Certified Public Auditor J. P. Auditing Company Limited
1414 Suthisarn Vinitchai Road, Din Daeng, BKK, Thailand.

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